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Please bear with us whilst we update our website, in the meanwhile we thought you might find this general information of interest.

Dunn Homes are a vibrant house building company founded on the simple principle of doing as much as they can, to build, convert or extend homes to the highest possible standard.

This may sound a modest aspiration, but when many others these days are content to do as little as they can get away with, it does make a refreshing change!

We know the that the care and attention we personally commit to every home will produce a top quality investment which will not only totally satisfy the expectations of the proud owner but will confirm our status as one of the premier house builders and convertors in the North East of Scotland.

As a quality house builder Dunn Homes has earned an enviable reputation for getting things right. Reputation is important to us as it takes a long time to win and can be easily lost, so  we work very hard at giving our clients exactly what they want and we never underestimate the importance of our role in helping make their vision become a reality.  

Although our houses are finished to a very high level as standard, Dunn Homes recognise that customers may wish to add their own individual style and preference to their home and every effort is made ensure satisfaction is guaranteed.

Director Mark Dunn, has built up a wealth of knowledge in house building and business management and as a result has a unique skill set to help in making your dream home a reality.

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